Geocities Has Gone

April 24, 2009

Yahoo! have taken another bold step to day in their dramatic re-positioning. Geocities, the search giant’s webpage-making service, is to be removed.

2757416799_0a231dedbbFor those who don’t know, Geocities for many years provided an easy online way to make websites. No software was required, you just drag and dropped things where you wanted them. I remember Geocities being quite revolutionary and different when I first used it.

Now, a decade after Yahoo! brought the site, they have decided to cull it from their list of services. It seems that the idea was good and the userbase strong (over 11 million unique users last month), but the service never really managed to make much money back out of the whole scheme.

Geocities is just one cut out of many that new head of Yahoo! Carol Bartz has made recently. Also lined up for termination is RSS Ads,Yahoo LiveYahoo BriefcaseFarechaseMy Web and Yahoo Pets.

Geocities may not have made the best looking or working sites, but it was a great idea and one I will miss. You see, Geocities gave me the chance to make my very first ever website all about the classic car, The Mini. Feel free to have a look at the web design prowess of my 13-year-old self here!

Yahoo! will phase Geocities out by the end of the year.

Source: Guardian Online

Best Moments In Lost On ‘The Swan Station’

April 23, 2009

Good News! Very soon my university work for this semester will be completed and when that happens, ‘The Rich, Harsh Poet’ will be straight back on track!


In the meantime, why not go and have a look at my spinoff site – ‘The Swan Station’. It’s all about the TV show Lost which is about to have it’s 100th episode. As a tribute to this, were putting up our top ten moments of the show so far. From Saturday you’ll be able to vote for your favourite so we can truly establish the best part of Lost so far!

As for ‘The Rich, Harsh Poet’, all will be well again soon and there are several things in the pipeline including a couple of reviews and a few features, so make sure you check back for more.



A Million Apologies

April 17, 2009

Just a quick note to say sorry about the state of the site again!

Unfortunately, this las week I’ve had very limited access to the internet and have therefore been unable to update the site, but hopefully, from now on things should be on the up!

I’d just like to quickly tank those who have put their feedback on the poll, glad to see you’re all enjoying the new site design!

Thank Smeg It’s Back!

April 10, 2009

Today is Good Friday and that means it’s time for ALL NEW Red Dwarf!


Yes, after ten long years, Lister, Rimmer, Kryton and the Cat return tonight in the first part of three new special episodes on Dave. The quad will be returning to Earth in the mini-series. It’s been hinted by Craig Charles that the new episodes are a little different to previous Dwarf. Charles describes them as emotional and more of a comedy-drama than sitcom.

The episodes are quite a coup for digital channel Dave. It has in the past been seen as simply a repeats channel, but with popular comedy show Argumental and now the new Red Dwarf, it’s making quite a name for itself. I can still hope for a Whose Line Is It Anyway remake!

The episodes air over the next three nights at 9pm on Dave. Whatever they’re like, I’m sure you’ll agree like me, it’s great to see the quartet back together!

The Gallery Is Here

April 7, 2009

As promised, the updates to the site are coming thick and fast. As you have hopefully noticed at the top of the screen there’s now a bar of pages you can access. About me has always been on the site, but the others are new and now the first of them is ready for you to see.

The Gallery!

Last Day Of The Corkscrew At Alton Towers - November 2008

Admittedly, there’s not an awful lot to see in it yet, but I promise you, it’ll be getting filled up with plenty of photos over the coming months. Hope you all enjoy it!

Visit The Gallery!

ExSITEing Updates 2

April 6, 2009

OK, so as you have probably noticed, I’ve not been giving this blog a massive amount of attention and for that I must apologise.


However, thats all about to change (I hope!). Get ready for a whole host of updates and new ideas here on ‘The Rich, Harsh Poet’, the first of which you should see now. Yes, I’ve decided to change the theme a bit. Hopefully you agree that the whole thing looks a bit more professional now (thats the hope anyway!).

As well as this, I’m formulating new ideas for content and navigation of the site altogether. This has also alraedy started as I’ve chosen to divide the main blog into many sub-blogs (look to the right to see what I mean). Just think of them as separate Twitter feeds(or don’t if you don’t understand Twitter!)

That’s all for now, but thanks to everyone who has viewed and enjoyed this blog and rest assured, there’s a lot more to come!

Are The FIA Trying To Kill F1?

April 2, 2009

It’s a question I find I ask myself pretty much every year. But this year it seems even more so that the governing body are trying to kill the sport.

First off, Jarno Trulli was stripped of his podium after supposedly overtaking Lewis Hamilton under the safety car. This promoted Hamilton to 3rd in the race.

However, the stewards have now decided that was also wrong and Lewis should therefore be disqualified. Apparently McLaren misled the race stewards by saying that Trulli overtook them when it was actually Hamilton that did it first. Eh?

Basically it seems that McLaren were in the wrong with their radio communications. But if this is so, could it not have been found out earlier, before they threw Jarno Trulli out? In fact, could we not just use the rather original idea of whoever crosses the line first wins, whoever’s second is second and so forth!

Alright, I know that due to possible rule-breaks it’s not always that easy, but I am now more than fed up with finding out the race result a week later. It kind of makes the whole grand prix seem a bit…pointless. In no other sport does the result get changed so often after the event has finished.

I am disappointed as I feel all this controversy has marred what was a great opening weekend. We’ll just have to hope this is the last of this silly politics of F1, but with the diffuser issue coming in a few weeks i fear not.