Welcome to the Gallery where you’ll find a whole host of pictures… eventually!

Ok, so there aren’t many here yet as this is a working progress. But with me taking Photojournalism from September and my increasing love of photography. You can expect to see it grow and grow very soon.

Newest Content – Muse 2009!


All my photo’s are hosted on Flickr (which I had to admit I thought was pointless at first, but I’m getting used to it!). You can link directly to my photostream here, or look below to see slideshows from different events. Enjoy!


So finally we get to the actual photo’s. As I said, not many yet, but there’ll be more in time, watch this space!


Muse Live At Sheffield Arena - 04/10/09


Italy 2009


Snow Patrol At Manchester March 2009 - These Photo's Copyright Karen Heath

Last Day Of The Corkscrew At Alton Towers - November 2008

Last Day Of The Corkscrew At Alton Towers - November 2008

Iceland - April 2007

Iceland - April 2007


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  1. Karen says:

    Great photos, especially Snow Patrol!

  2. Zeno says:

    […] Gallery   […];. All the best!!

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