Are The FIA Trying To Kill F1?

It’s a question I find I ask myself pretty much every year. But this year it seems even more so that the governing body are trying to kill the sport.

First off, Jarno Trulli was stripped of his podium after supposedly overtaking Lewis Hamilton under the safety car. This promoted Hamilton to 3rd in the race.

However, the stewards have now decided that was also wrong and Lewis should therefore be disqualified. Apparently McLaren misled the race stewards by saying that Trulli overtook them when it was actually Hamilton that did it first. Eh?

Basically it seems that McLaren were in the wrong with their radio communications. But if this is so, could it not have been found out earlier, before they threw Jarno Trulli out? In fact, could we not just use the rather original idea of whoever crosses the line first wins, whoever’s second is second and so forth!

Alright, I know that due to possible rule-breaks it’s not always that easy, but I am now more than fed up with finding out the race result a week later. It kind of makes the whole grand prix seem a bit…pointless. In no other sport does the result get changed so often after the event has finished.

I am disappointed as I feel all this controversy has marred what was a great opening weekend. We’ll just have to hope this is the last of this silly politics of F1, but with the diffuser issue coming in a few weeks i fear not.

One Response to Are The FIA Trying To Kill F1?

  1. Elksie2500 says:

    Nicely made argument, comments well made.

    It’s true that in recent years F1 has appeared to lurch from one crisis to another. This season, could be lurching from one race to another in the same fashion.

    Until the teams are given the same car, we won’t see the quality of the individual drivers.

    Of course, you could argue that it is the current regime that allows the sort of innovation that makes racing so exciting.

    Me? I don’t care which way they go as long as it makes it an exciting sport again.

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