Geocities Has Gone

Yahoo! have taken another bold step to day in their dramatic re-positioning. Geocities, the search giant’s webpage-making service, is to be removed.

2757416799_0a231dedbbFor those who don’t know, Geocities for many years provided an easy online way to make websites. No software was required, you just drag and dropped things where you wanted them. I remember Geocities being quite revolutionary and different when I first used it.

Now, a decade after Yahoo! brought the site, they have decided to cull it from their list of services. It seems that the idea was good and the userbase strong (over 11 million unique users last month), but the service never really managed to make much money back out of the whole scheme.

Geocities is just one cut out of many that new head of Yahoo! Carol Bartz has made recently. Also lined up for termination is RSS Ads,Yahoo LiveYahoo BriefcaseFarechaseMy Web and Yahoo Pets.

Geocities may not have made the best looking or working sites, but it was a great idea and one I will miss. You see, Geocities gave me the chance to make my very first ever website all about the classic car, The Mini. Feel free to have a look at the web design prowess of my 13-year-old self here!

Yahoo! will phase Geocities out by the end of the year.

Source: Guardian Online

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