ExSITEing Updates 2

OK, so as you have probably noticed, I’ve not been giving this blog a massive amount of attention and for that I must apologise.


However, thats all about to change (I hope!). Get ready for a whole host of updates and new ideas here on ‘The Rich, Harsh Poet’, the first of which you should see now. Yes, I’ve decided to change the theme a bit. Hopefully you agree that the whole thing looks a bit more professional now (thats the hope anyway!).

As well as this, I’m formulating new ideas for content and navigation of the site altogether. This has also alraedy started as I’ve chosen to divide the main blog into many sub-blogs (look to the right to see what I mean). Just think of them as separate Twitter feeds(or don’t if you don’t understand Twitter!)

That’s all for now, but thanks to everyone who has viewed and enjoyed this blog and rest assured, there’s a lot more to come!

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