Sunday Rants: Justin Bieber

This guy was bound to come up in a rant sooner or later. Justin Bieber, for anyone who’s been living under a Meteor for the past 12 months, is a 16 year-old heartthrob from Canada that seems to have captured the heart of just about every teenage girl around. How? By singing and having a particularly large fringe!

So why is he so annoying. Well, the worst part isn’t Justin himself, it’s his ridiculously obsessive fans. They follow his every move and see themselves as closer to him than Jesus’ disciples. You may remember my rant about celebrity culture a few weeks ago, this is the ultimate example of it.

These girls (and also in some cases middle-aged women) literally throw themselves at Bieber anytime he is near. That’s not even a metaphor. A couple of weeks ago, during the UK premiere of Bieber’s new film, several teens had to be taken to hospital after spotting Justin entering the venue around the back and crushing each other just to get a tiny glimpse at the teenage twerp.

And the Bieber fans don’t just contain their enthusiasm to their own (admittedly large) circle of fandom, they let it spew over into everyone’s world. Nearly every time I log on to Twitter, ‘Bieber’ is somewhere in the top ten trending topics. ‘#BieberFever’ this, ‘#JustinForever’ that. This is happening so frequently that The Observer claim Bieber is more influential on the social networks that President Obama or The Dalai Lama. Is this right?

It’s not just his fans that shove it in our face. His media and marketing managers are just as much to blame by creating reasons for us to hate him. For example, the 3D documentary extravaganza, ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’. A film all about what you can achieve if you keep trying and don’t give up… the kids 16! He’s not had a chance to give up! It’s just worked for him. Do you think other people haven’t had harder times/better success stories in the world. But they don’t get films.

The truth is, the media companies that own the Bieber franchise know that Justin’s ridiculous popularity wont last forever and they’re milking it right now for all it’s worth. The downside of that is that if you are still sane like myself, you find it almost impossible to escape the blanket coverage of the teen idol.

You could say then, that Justin’s been a bit of a victim of his success. We hate the way he is portrayed more than the person himself. He’s also been the victim of horrible hate campaigns such as #RIPJustinBieber on twitter. This guy is probably just an alright, down-to-earth guy who’s been very lucky.

I wish that were true.

In my experience of seeing Bieber in interviews and on shows, he comes across as the most arrogant, self-centred, annoying, pompous, selfish, snobbish, hateful, unpleasant, egotistical, greedy , thoughtless, stupid little sod I have seen on TV. He honestly thinks he is the second coming and that we should all love him.

He is 16 and maybe he’s been moulded this way by the blinding success that has come so easily to him. Or perhaps it’s just the way that teenagers are going now. Whatever happened to manners?

Enjoy your Sunday! 😀


Here’s something for all of you that, like me, are fed up of Bieber!


One Response to Sunday Rants: Justin Bieber

  1. Daniv says:

    Ummm….how about you actually learn what your ranting about before you “rant”. 1. If you actually researched about him not just randomly make up stuff about him you’d know that he is the exact opposite of arrogant, snobbish, or hateful. He donates.millions of dollars to charity every year. He visits so many hospitals each year. He does so.much just to make people.happy. 2. Also, you would know that when he was young his family had barely any money, so I’m pretty sure he’s not “greedy” 3. Now he’s 18 and yes, he’s still one of the most popular celebrities for many reasons: he cares about people, he actually has.a heart, and he’s talented. So… next time how about you do some research before coming to conclusions that are the.exact opposite of what you think.

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