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‘Who are you?’ you may be asking as you all browse this website. Well here is your answer.


My name is Chris Heath and I’m a Broadcast Journalist based at Staffordshire University. I’ve just finished my third and final year at the Uni and loved every second of it. I really enjoy writing stories/features and very often my own opinion. And that’s what this blog is here for, to share my views to the world (despite the worlds screams to stop!)

One of my interests is TV (yeah I know everyone puts that, but I am studying to enter the media). Obviously I keep myself abreast with the latest news stories but I also love great comedy and drama. In particular I am obsessed with the television show Lost. Everything about it fascinates me and I just love speculating about what’s going to happen next. *If you’ve seen the show you’ll know what I mean, if not I totally understand if you just think I’m weird.* I love the show so much that I’ve even set up a sister blog (which has in no-way been set up to help me get a degree) all about Lost called The Swan Station, please feel free to visit.


As a media student I have got myself involved in many different activities. The above picture is from ‘The North/South Divide’ a radio show I presented with my coleague Mark Astley. The show went out on the Staffs student station, GK Radio. It was a show which combined witty banter with guests and music. I had tremendous fun presenting the show and personally thought it was quite good.

Sadly after our first year of doing the show, we had to give it up due to having just too much to do with our degree (which obviously comes first). I hope one day to present a similar show again as it truly was so much fun! 

As well as working on the student radio, I’ve also had a prominet role on the recently launched student news website. StaffsLive delivers the news that we produce at the uni to the masses. In 2010, it was decided that we should make the site more prominent and assign specific editors to the site. I gained the role of ‘Interactive Editor’ and was able to boost the sites popularity through both Twitter and Facebook. I’ve also written several articles for the site and think I’ve helped it to become a more well known news site in our area.

I’m also a big fan of computer games, most commonly Nintendo one’s. I have both a DS and a Wii and have owned many Nintendo games before hand. Some may not agree, but in my opinion, Nintendo really do make the best games in the business and the ones I’d rather play. There are too many games just about shooting! So expect updates on the latest games to also appear on this page.

When it comes to music, Muse are the best band in the world. Let’s face it, it’s true. But I’m not just a Muse fan, I also like many other bands including Snow Patrol, The Killers, REM, Queen, The Kaisers, Keane and strangely enough… Duffy! But I am an Indie and Rock fan through and through, all other music is just weird!!


Finally another big love of mine is Themeparks and in particular one Staffordshire based one. Alton Towers. For me it has everything a themepark needs. I’ve been to Disney and Universal in America and as good as they are (and they’re flippin’ fantastic!!) Alton still holds something special for me. I am a bit obsessed, so much so that I was on the final public ride of the much loved Corkscrew last year.

And not only that, I also became one of the first people to ride Corkscrew’s replacement Th13teen in 2010. The day also saw me meet one of my lifelong heroes, John Warldley… the guy who makes the rides! You can read more about it here!  

So there you go, that’s me. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and continue to enjoy reading this blog. If you want to contact me, leave a comment, or I’m also on The Facebook and Twitter networks (although probs best to let me know who you are when you add me).




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