Thank Smeg It’s Back!

Today is Good Friday and that means it’s time for ALL NEW Red Dwarf!


Yes, after ten long years, Lister, Rimmer, Kryton and the Cat return tonight in the first part of three new special episodes on Dave. The quad will be returning to Earth in the mini-series. It’s been hinted by Craig Charles that the new episodes are a little different to previous Dwarf. Charles describes them as emotional and more of a comedy-drama than sitcom.

The episodes are quite a coup for digital channel Dave. It has in the past been seen as simply a repeats channel, but with popular comedy show Argumental and now the new Red Dwarf, it’s making quite a name for itself. I can still hope for a Whose Line Is It Anyway remake!

The episodes air over the next three nights at 9pm on Dave. Whatever they’re like, I’m sure you’ll agree like me, it’s great to see the quartet back together!

One Response to Thank Smeg It’s Back!

  1. monie kaur says:

    I’ve never really watched Red Dwarf, looks like I’m going to have to now!

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