The X-Husband!

December 14, 2009

So last night we had the X factor final and for some ridiculous reason almost 20 million people watched it!

But I’m not going to hark on about the fact that we have a new Zac Effron in the world, I couldn’t care less. What I do love is Peter Dickson (or voiceover man) who does the OTT introductions to the show.

The BBC clearly agree with me and have made this… one of the funniest videos on the internet, comedy gold!

I really hope his life is like that!

I got soul… but that’s about it!

October 30, 2009

YoungSoulRebels_IGotSoulfrontNow I never like to insult a charity attempt… but I’m quite frankly astounded by what I’ve just seen on 4Music.

I’m not quite sure how I missed it, but some of the country’s biggest R and B stars (including N-Dubz, Chipmunk and FrankMusik) have got together to record a charity single… a highly original idea! This time the charity is ‘War Child UK’.

All sounds good so far, but then you hear the song.

It’s a sample of The Killers ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’, using pretty much just the ‘I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier part’. It really disappoints me that these ‘stars’ have been unable to write a new song for this charity. The result of their mashed up Killers song is just horrible and really makes me want to turn off the TV. It would’ve almost been better if they’d just released the original Killers song (unoriginal but at least listenable!).

The single came out this week and reached only number 10 in the charts… quite low for a charity single (could you imagine Band Aid or Amarillo scoring that low). It’s a real shame because the idea is in the right place, it’s just the execution is so dreadful, I don’t think even the charity officials would buy it. Now maybe if there was a deal that it wouldn’t get played if I brought it…

Another thing to be taken from this is perhaps the idea that we’re fed up with the charity single. It’s hardly an original idea and in the middle of a recession, it seems we just don’t care anymore.

Best of luck to the charity, I really do WANT this to do well, but it’s so poor I wonder if it will. You can listen to the Band Aid/Killers rip -off  here!


The Oscars 2009… who cares, it’s The Golden Raspberries I want!

February 23, 2009

Last night saw the most important date in the Hollywood calendar. Nah, not the Oscar’s, The Golden Raspberries.


This ceremony is held just before the main awards every year and ‘celebrates’ the worst that film has to offer for the year. So who are the big losers?

Well ‘The Love Guru’ (or Goro as some say) seems to be the film to avoid, winning worst screenplay, worst actor (Mike Myers) and the ultimate criticism, Worst Film. 

Paris Hilton will be very pleased I’m sure with her double on the night. She won both Worst Actress for her performance in ‘The Hottie and Nottie‘ and worst supporting actress in ‘Repo: The Genetic Opera‘. 

This years worst sequel, prequel or re-make was won by the widely criticised ‘Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull‘. 

Finally, Uwe Boll who bought us such jewels as ‘FarCry‘ and ‘Tunnel Rats‘ won worst director and worst career achievement. He said the awards had ruined his life and he would never be back!

So that’s the Razzie’s for another year, the guide of what NEVER to watch in the world of film!

Source: Golden Raspberries

Black Stig Back?

February 8, 2009

Comebacks are very popular at the moment, Noel Edmonds, Krypton Factor, Gladiators and now… The Stig.

Of course by the stig I mean the original character from Top Gear dressed in black. He was last seen hurtling off the end of an aircraft character many series ago. But now a new video has been released showing the masked figure returning from the dead. 

Could this spell the end for white stig, who it was revealed two-weeks ago to be mostly portrayed by stock car racer ben Collins? Or does it mean we will perhaps have battle’s between the two characters in the new series.

It’s also interesting to see the BBC choose to bring ‘black stig’ back after it is widely known that he was played by former Le mans racer Perry McCarthy.

Is it really a return for this character in a future episode of Top Gear, or is it just an elaborate hoax? Judge for yourself, the videos below 😉 .

Sources: Digital Spy