The RHP Speaks Out!

October 30, 2009

So here’s an exciting new feature I’ve finally got around to implementing…

That’s right! Proper audio, at long last. No longer the poor quality YouTube videos I’ve been using in the past!

In case you’re wondering, the player is Soundcloud which is a great site to upload audio you have to.

So look forward to many sound clips to come on The RHP!


I got soul… but that’s about it!

October 30, 2009

YoungSoulRebels_IGotSoulfrontNow I never like to insult a charity attempt… but I’m quite frankly astounded by what I’ve just seen on 4Music.

I’m not quite sure how I missed it, but some of the country’s biggest R and B stars (including N-Dubz, Chipmunk and FrankMusik) have got together to record a charity single… a highly original idea! This time the charity is ‘War Child UK’.

All sounds good so far, but then you hear the song.

It’s a sample of The Killers ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’, using pretty much just the ‘I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier part’. It really disappoints me that these ‘stars’ have been unable to write a new song for this charity. The result of their mashed up Killers song is just horrible and really makes me want to turn off the TV. It would’ve almost been better if they’d just released the original Killers song (unoriginal but at least listenable!).

The single came out this week and reached only number 10 in the charts… quite low for a charity single (could you imagine Band Aid or Amarillo scoring that low). It’s a real shame because the idea is in the right place, it’s just the execution is so dreadful, I don’t think even the charity officials would buy it. Now maybe if there was a deal that it wouldn’t get played if I brought it…

Another thing to be taken from this is perhaps the idea that we’re fed up with the charity single. It’s hardly an original idea and in the middle of a recession, it seems we just don’t care anymore.

Best of luck to the charity, I really do WANT this to do well, but it’s so poor I wonder if it will. You can listen to the Band Aid/Killers rip -off  here!


Stop Selling Me Christmas In October!!!

October 29, 2009

Watching the TV the other day I suddenly heard trumpets and drums. What could that be.. aNoChristmasTree1marching band outside? No, it’s the sound of Jonah Lewie’s festive favourite, ‘Stop The Cavalry’ blearing out on the new Argos advert.

Now I don’t mean to be a scrooge… but it’s WAY too early for Christmas ads. Heck, we’ve not even had halloween yet!

It happens every year, the Christmas ads start earlier and earlier, Why???? If you start celebrating Christmas now, it wont feel fun and exciting when it actually gets here. Part of the reason we enjoy Christmas is because it comes ONCE a year. It’s a break from the norm to be celebrated from December onwards and not before.

I also fail to see how advertising Chrimbo this early is going to entice people to buy. We are after all still in the middle of a recession, with this years gifts being the last thing on people’s minds.

As anyone who knows me will agree, I love Christmas, but this really annoys me. October really is far too soon and just depresses me rather than anything else.

And so I vow today to boycott anyone advertising Christmas products before mid-November (ideally December!). No longer will I acquire from Argos or snap up a sofa from DFS (well I was already annoyed with them!). Perhaps then these companies will learn not to shove festivities down my throat in October!!

…Rant Over!

Where the BLOG have you been??!!

October 29, 2009

It’s been nearly a month since I last updated the site which is far too long an absence. Sadly I’ve been unable to find the time recently and have just left the blog to fall into disrepair. Hopefully all that’s going to change soon. I hope to make the blog more prominent, entertaining and up to date.

But before all that, by neglecting the blog, I’ve missed a few big events, so here’s my views on some recent news!

Jenson Button: Formula One World Champion

Who thought we’d be reading that this time last year. It’s been a phenomenal  year for Jenson and Brawn GP, onebuttonchamp that’s also been really good for the sport, showing it doesn’t always have to be between Ferrari and McLaren. Jenson’s acted like a champion all year and he is undoubtedly worthy of the title.

Many have said, and it is true, that the title was won in the first six races, but I fail to see how this makes it any less of a victory. Jenson has battled strongly through the good and the bad and still won the championship a whole race early. Congratulations to him because this year he has really shown the true racer and sportsman that many have seen in him for years.

Just a small note about Rubens Barrichello. I do feel sorry for F1’s ‘number two’ diver as I think it could’ve been possibly a greater achievement if he had taken the title. But it’s important to remember that at the start of the season, Rubens was out of F1. Thanks to Brawn GP we’ve seen that the most experienced driver in the field, can still pack a punch!

Nick Griffin On Question Time

nick-griffinIf you follow my twitter you’ll have already seen some of my views on this. Firstly I’d like to say it was 100% the right decision by the BBC to include Mr. Griffin on the panel. Like it or not, the BNP are a real party with supporters and deserve to be heard. We’re not a truly democratic society if we exclude anyone.

But how did he come across… well good and bad. It’s true that Mr. Griffin didn’t storm off the set and tried his best to remain composed despite the criticism leveled against him, but that’s where the good ends. He managed to back himself into a corner and contradict himself on many occasions. He lost pretty much any respect he had when he said he couldn’t explain his holocaust remarks.

Maybe it was a bit of an ‘attack Nick Griffin show’ and maybe the BBC did edit it with a little bias, but I think Mr. Griffin did most of the damage himself by simply laughing off every question. More of a Peter Griffin…

Muse Win Best Act In The World

OK, so it’s not really in the popular news, but at long last Muse have been recognised for the genius they possess.muse They were voted ‘Best Act In The World Right Now’ at the Q awards earlier this week.

And next week you can read an exclusive review of their new stadium tour right here on The RHP!