Song Of The Week – 23/07/2010

Time for something a little different. This weeks song brings us something new yet something old at the same time. I present to you a relatively new band, yet all the members in it have been producing music for years.

I speak of Tired Pony, a collaboration between several notable musicians including Gary Lightbody, Jacknife Lee and Peter Buck. The debut album of this new ‘group’ came out last monday and I’ve been enjoying it’s unique sounds quite alot this week, hence why it’s made song of the week.

This week’s RHP Song of the week

Get On The Road

Tired Pony

Lightbody formed Tired Pony to satisfy his love for country music and you can certainly tell that from this track, but don’t be put off if your not a fan of this style. Get On The Road is a very accessible song for all which reminds me a lot of early Snow Patrol tracks.

It’s a song that builds from a very simple guitar at the beginning to a fully inclusive sound by the end. It’s the sort of song I love as it feels like a kind of small journey throughout as the song constantly builds and adds more fantastic sounds heading towards it’s climax.

Lightbody is on vocals, but is joined by Zooey Deschanel for this track adding vast similarities to Set The Fire To The Third Bar from Snow Patrol’s fourth album.

I personally really like this song and hope you do as well. I’ll be reviewing the full album from Tired Pony early next week.

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