Royal Mail? More like Royal Fail!

January 7, 2011

Dear Royal Mail,

When I receive a parcel through your network, I expect it to arrive in the same way in which it left the sender. That is that I’m happiest when my post arrives dry and still in the shape it started off as.

So imagine how upset I was when my order from Amazon arrived today, completely sodden and squashed on all corners. It’s not like the order wasn’t breakable, it contained equipment for my iPhone and a DVD boxset. Things I’d like to keep fairly safe and secure.

However, this is not why I was most unhappy with the service today.

Call me old fashioned, but I like post to arrive through my letter box. Admittedly the parcel delivered today would never make it through, in which case why not take it back to the sorting office. Or better still, why not leave with our neighbours as we asked only YESTERDAY!

Whatever you do, don’t try and throw it through the slightly broken window in our shed thus damaging the packaging, the contents and some more of the shed window.

Oh… oh that is what you do Royal Mail. Well call me picky, but that’s not how I like to receive my mail. You see I do quite like it to arrive in a way where I can still read what’s written on it and use what’s inside it.

But oh well, I suppose I’ve learnt my lesson, next time I buy something I really want from Amazon (or any other retailer), I should use the courier service and not this bunch of bloody amateurs.

Yours stuffed through a shed window,

Chris Heath.