Viva Italia!

So I’ve just got back from a week in Italy (the second week this year! hehe!). This time it was Sorrento I visited, to the west of the country.


It’s a location with so much history on it’s doorstep. Visible from just about everywhere in the resort is Mount, Vesuvius (I’m sure you’ve all heard the story about that one!). Near that is obviously the ruined cities of Pompeii and Herculanium and just a short (well 3 hour) trip away is the capital city Rome.

I was lucky enough to visit all these places whilst there. It was very special seeing the ruins of Pompeii and the volcano that caused it all. Many of you (myself included) probably learnt all about the story of Pompeii at school and were fascinated by it, so I can’t stress enough what it’s like to actually see it.

More amazing though was the city of Rome. So much of it is still from the Roman times, more than I thought! The Forum is absolutely massive and is a great walk of historic Roman monuments. All around the city you’ll find statues of Roman leaders littering the streets. And then of course there is the Colosseum which is MASSIVE. It’s an amazing structure now, so it must have been quite incredible back in Roman times.


Rome is also home to the Vatican, the home of the Catholic church. St. Peters Square is another brilliant sight. The Basilica, Sistene Chapel and of course the home of the Pope are also all here. It’s quite something to take in.

Sorrento itself is a city of two halves, there’s the inner city which is manic and shows off typical Italian life. And then there’s the coast line which is brilliantly picturesque, once again a great sight to see.


This is the second time I’ve been to Italy and I loved it. It’s a great country to visit in every way with perhaps the only downside being the heat can sometimes be too much (as shocking as it seems!).

But of course the real reason I love Italy… everywhere sells PIZZA!!

If you’d like to see more of my trip to Italy, visit the Gallery Section!

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