Sunday Rants – Too many bugs in those Apple’s

Those of you who know me or have read many of my posts will know I strongly dislike Microsoft and have always loved Apple. I even made it the subject of this rant last week. But in true fickle fashion, I’ve decided this week to turn on Apple. The fact of the matter is, they may be brilliant 95% of the time, but when they’re not, they can’t be bothered to fix it.

Case in point. This week I finally got around to rendering a project I have been editing in iMovie for a few weeks. It was almost an hour long, but I know from past experience that iMovie is more than capable of this.

The rendering process took forever (well three hours) but after this time I was pleased to finally watch my finished movie.

But there was a problem.

iMovie had completely moved all my audio out of synch, by as much as two minutes by the end of the movie. This was no good.

I was was furious, but not as furious as I was when I found out more about the problem.

It turns out that if you use slow-motion effects in iMovie and use a non-standard % of speed (ie not 50%, 25% or 12.5%) then your audio will go hideously out of synch. This is obviously a glitch which like it or not, do happen on computers. But it’s a glitch which users have been flagging up since 2008 when iMovie ’09 was launched. Three and a half years later and Apple have not solved this issue.

What’s worse is Apple have recently been pushing their new iMovie ’11 , which I have been reliably informed has the same issue. It’s simply not good enough for such a problem to exist with no fix and not so much as a warning that it might even happen.

As I said at the start, Apple seem to be perfectionist and can’t admit when they’ve made mistakes. To my knowledge, Apple seem to deny this glitches existence, yet it clearly exists and is affecting most if not all iMovie users.

And of course, this is not the first time that Apple have made mistakes and not admitted to them. The latest iPhone (which I do own and love) has been riddled with them.

First there was the fact that it had problems making calls. Apple eventually caved in on this one and gave all existing iPhone 4 users a case to prevent the problem. Yet they are still making new iPhone 4’s in the exact same way, with the problematic antennae and no free case to fix it.

Then of course comes the alarm issues. Firstly we were woken an hour later when we switched the hour in October. Then of course the same thing strangely happened on 1st January 2011. Both times Apple did nothing and just said, ‘it will sort otself out’. True, but how long before it does it again.

I do love Apple’s systems (and they are miles ahead of Windows), but this lack of being bothered to sort issues is just not good enough and is causing me to start detesting a company that were once the best at computing and customer service. I guess now Apple have become a wildly successful company they’ve gone the same way as all the others… rubbish!

Enjoy your Sunday! 😀

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