Toy Story 3 – Worth the wait?

So as I mentioned yesterday, Toy Story 3 has finally made it to British shores a wait on no less than 11 years since TS2. But has time been kind to the likes of Woody and Buzz, or was this just one Toy Story too far?

Well I’m not going to beat about the bush with my opinion. Toy Story 3 is so far the best film I have seen this decade. It combined action with intense drama, laughs with tears and quality with quantity. I can’t honestly fault it.

The story has grown up and moved on from the original two films, reflecting what has happened to the characters. After treating us to an incredible new rendition of the original Toy Story scene, we see how time has moved on and Andy has forgotten his toys. They sit motionless in his toy box trying to get the attention they used to receive years ago. But those times are over. Andy’s 17 and going to college and has to decide what he’s to do with his once beloved toys.

Hereon in lies the plot, what happens to your toys after you’ve finished with them. Once again another intriguing story idea from Disney – Pixar and one which leads to much laughter and emotion.

And I should point out that this is by far the most emotional of the series. There was barely a dry eye in the house by the end of the film. The ending (which I will not reveal here) is both fitting and touching. In fact it probably is the perfect ending to the franchise.

The RealD 3D effect is well-done, but not overused, in fact it’s more subtle, but I like that in a film. Too many features feel they should go to great lengths to ‘utilise’ the 3D, when really it works best when just shot as a normal film would be.

I cannot urge you enough to go out and see Toy Story 3. It’s the ending to the series that we all wanted and is a masterclass in how to make a film. The story is heartwarming and possibly the best yet. But the big question… is it the best Toy Story?… I’ll have to watch them all a few more times yet.

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