Stop Selling Me Christmas In October!!!

Watching the TV the other day I suddenly heard trumpets and drums. What could that be.. aNoChristmasTree1marching band outside? No, it’s the sound of Jonah Lewie’s festive favourite, ‘Stop The Cavalry’ blearing out on the new Argos advert.

Now I don’t mean to be a scrooge… but it’s WAY too early for Christmas ads. Heck, we’ve not even had halloween yet!

It happens every year, the Christmas ads start earlier and earlier, Why???? If you start celebrating Christmas now, it wont feel fun and exciting when it actually gets here. Part of the reason we enjoy Christmas is because it comes ONCE a year. It’s a break from the norm to be celebrated from December onwards and not before.

I also fail to see how advertising Chrimbo this early is going to entice people to buy. We are after all still in the middle of a recession, with this years gifts being the last thing on people’s minds.

As anyone who knows me will agree, I love Christmas, but this really annoys me. October really is far too soon and just depresses me rather than anything else.

And so I vow today to boycott anyone advertising Christmas products before mid-November (ideally December!). No longer will I acquire from Argos or snap up a sofa from DFS (well I was already annoyed with them!). Perhaps then these companies will learn not to shove festivities down my throat in October!!

…Rant Over!

One Response to Stop Selling Me Christmas In October!!!

  1. Andrew Stuart says:

    Thing is… You know they exist, therefore the advertising has worked.

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