Off to the Fringe!

As you read this, I should be in a car on my way down to London ready to catch my train up to Edinburgh tomorrow. Why? Because I’m off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I can’t wait.

I’ve never been to the Fringe before, but obviously have heard an awful lot about it. There should be established comedians galore alongside less well known up-and-coming performer, cabaret, carnival, music, atmosphere and a small thing called the Edinburgh tattoo. I don’t know how I’m going to take it all in during the short week that I’m visiting!

Highlights I’m hoping to see from this years line-up include Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation, Rich Hall’s Hoe Down, Al Murray’s Compete For The Meat and Milton Jones. Of course I’m hoping that when I come back after seeing the shows next week, I’ll also be convinced that I’ve seen the next big thing and I suppose that’s part of the wonder of this festival – I don’t really know what I’m going to see, but I’m sure it will delight, entertain and confuse in equal measures. The thing I’m looking for above all else is discovering new comedy, isn’t that what this whole thing is about.

Amongst the comedy, face stuffing and gratuitous drinking (which I’m a tad worried about, not drunk too much since Uni!) I’m also hoping to take in some of the sights. I’ve never been to Edinburgh – not even Scotland –  and everyone I’ve told (honestly, every single person) has waxed lyrical about how beautiful it is and what great sights there are to see. I’m hoping to capture a load of them on my camera!

And of course, I’ll be sharing the festival with everyone on the web. I’m planning on tweeting quite a bit during my week, so do follow @chrisbheath for the latest from the fest (and do join in with the big conversation). As well as that, I’m hoping I can share a blog post or two with you here on the RHP (mobile internet permitting!), so do keep checking back for updates.

And so I sit in this car (I’m not driving, in fact I’m not even writing – this was done yesterday!) I can hardly wait for tomorrow when I start my first ever Edinburgh Festival experience, one I’m hoping will stay with me for many years to come… for good reasons of course!

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