Sunday Rants – Cowell’s Britain

Anyone else think this has gone too far now? Well I do. I am more than fed up with Simon Cowell’s domination of the media at the moment. Last night, one of his flagship shows, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ ended here in the UK, but the sad thing is, that won’t be the end of it, it will never be the end of it. Simon Cowell and his Syco company are too good at getting their own way year-round and the British Public/Press are too good at giving it to him.

I’ve never liked any of Mr. Cowell’s shows. Talent shows –  especially ones which are manipulative, fake, manufactured and place utmost importance on the events of the show instead of things that really matter – have never really appealed to me. But that’s OK, they are just TV shows and I can just ignore them.

Except I can’t, because Mr. Cowell is an expert at getting his show talked about at every opportunity. Proof at that would be the fact that every day I go to work, the people there are constantly reviewing his shows and speaking about their love/hate of the contestants. Facebook is even worse, in fact one of the reasons I use this site so rarely now is due to the fact it constantly gets invaded with chatter about BGT or X Factor.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the press always jump on Cowell’s shows, not just when they are on TV, but any time that Simon spreads a story for publicity. Agreed, some papers/networks/websites are more subject to this praise of Cowell’s work than others, but all of them continue to carry his stories and give him free publicity. It’s not news…

This brings me on to a story that horrified me earlier this week. As I understand it, the producers of BGT were accused of fixing the results to help one of the contestants, a child, win. The claim from an anonymous blogger went on to say that Syco had signed this contestant up 2 years ago.

Now, whether this is true or not, I do not know, all I know is that this story gives BGT some more publicity, just what Cowell wants. But that wasn’t enough for him. He was – apparently – so outraged by this false claim, that he called in the police to investigate who had said it and therefore prosecute them for the lies. So Simon Cowell is now using our police force to get more publicity for his crappy shows, because that’s all it was, a further publicity stunt. And it worked, this story was everywhere, it even made the top headline of my local ITV news. Unbelievable.

And what makes this story worse is the fact that it wasted Police time. There are far far more important things going on in our country, far worse crimes, yet these were put on the back-burner so we could protect Cowell and his disgusting fortunes, which didn’t need protecting as it was all a stunt anyway.

And maybe you don’t believe that Cowell does do all of this for publicity, maybe these events really do happen and then get picked up by the press by chance. But it’s interesting that every X-Factor/BGT has always had some kind of ‘scandal’ in the weeks leading up to the final – be it Judges replaced, acts squabbling, arguments between Syco and ITV or countless fix claims, it’s all a publicity stunt.

If you need any more proof, just look at the controversy with Cheryl Cole on the US X Factor. First she wasn’t doing it, then she was. Then Fox decided to get rid of her due to not understanding her. For a couple of weeks we were outraged that our geordie princess had been shunned by the US in favour of a Pussycat Doll. The whole time, both UK and US (and probably even Taiwan) media were covering the story daily, packed with rumours. And then, today, it’s been reported that Cheryl is to rejoin the S X Factor (and probably get more money for it). What a load of rubbish, you would have to be completely naive to not realise how much of a stunt that was, just to drum up interest in another rubbish show.

I can’t believe that people still buy this rubbish, it’s all just a big money-making machine for a man who is already grossly overpaid. The shows are cheap, simple and nasty and the stories are nothing but sensationalist bollocks. This needs to stop, it has gone too far and I can’t stand it’s dominance of the UK media.

Maybe X Factor US will properly take off and then this can all transfer over to them – or more likely it’ll multiply and Cowell will take the world…

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday 😀

One Response to Sunday Rants – Cowell’s Britain

  1. Oh stop being so grumpy and learn to enjoy your ‘bread and circus’. 😉

    It was not much more than a decade ago that the music industry would try to hide the fact one of their boy/ girl bands was completely and cynically manufactured and designed specifically to appeal to a specific demographic and milk them of as much of their cash as possible, while destroying music and culture at the same time…..

    … now they have not only made this vile practice acceptable, they have managed to turn it into a new form of lucrative entertainment. They’ve even turned themselves into celebs at the same time.

    And we love it because we are told to!

    Still, it could be worse I guess… like this for instance!

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