Sunday Rants – Blame The Lib Dems

Unless you were living under an avalanche of rocks in the last week, you’ll be aware that Thursday was election/referendum day (hope you voted!). The results of this vote seem to have shown one thing – the public have blamed all their troubles on the Liberal Democrats.

Of course I’m all for a fair vote, people can vote whichever way they want, they should, it’s a democracy. But I question the motives of why so many have voted against the Lib Dems. It’s most likely to be a lack of faith – after all, they’ve not done brilliantly in living up to their manifesto. But surely by doing this, everyone’s just played into the Tories hands.

The thing is, everyone went to the Polling Stations on Thursday looking for someone to blame. The country is facing devastating cut after cuts, leaving people without jobs and (so far) not really helping the economy. The Lib Dems appear to have sold out a bit here. Their policies involved scrapping tuition fees and investing money elsewhere. These have not come into fruition, in fact quite the opposite has happened. But it’s not just them in the Government.

We must remember that it is really the Conservatives that are in power. Yes it’s a coalition Government, but the Tories have 307 seats to the Lib Dems 57. I think they’re firmly in charge.

Yet when everyone made their decision, they chose to blame the Lib Dems for all of their issues. This is not going to help anything. If you disagree with the Tories policies, then aim to strike a blow to them. A vote for the Lib Dems would be a vote against the main policies of the coalition and ‘could’ start to turn things around. But by many Lib Dem voters shifting away from their party, they’ve only ensures that the Tories are even more powerful in parliament.

The Lib Dems have tried to get policies through, many haven’t succeeded. But the income tax allowance rise (which came in last month) was a policy of theirs which would never have happened under a solely Tory Government. And I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the other recent budget policies stemmed from Lib Dem thinking (the scrapping of the 5p fuel duty which was due in April).

It’s not what Lib Dem supporters wanted, but it was never going to be in a Coalition, you have to make compromises. Yes tuition fees went up (although I do think it’s not as bad as everyone makes out), yes the cuts have been horrible – but this is a joint Government with the Lib Dems in the lower power situation. If you didn’t like it, vote against the Tories.

And you could argue that the Lib Dems were naïve to go into this coalition not expecting a public backlash – and perhaps they were. But think about the situation this time last year. Three main options. 1. The Libe Dems could form with Labour and create a ‘Coalition of losers’ – hardly democracy in action… 2. The Conservatives could have formed a minority government, leaving our country to have even less control or authority (and may even have led to allegations of the Lib Dems supporting a Tory Government without even being in power). Or 3. what actually happened.

It was the best of three poor alternatives – but it had to be done. It was the fairest way to resolve the hung parliament situation which needed sorting there and then.

As I said at the start, I love the fact that we have a democracy in this country, we should defend it as best we can as there are many protesting with their lives in the middle-east for this privilege. It’s right for the public to make their choice, but I just feel that this choice was made for all the wrong reasons and constructed by a media who have been ‘Liberal-bashing’ for months now.

For the record, I am not a strong Lib-Dem campaigner (I personally think all of them lie, cheat and betray), but I think it’s a real shame that after having it for one year, we appear to have lost genuine three-party politics again and are stuck with just two real options, The Conservatives and Labour.

This time last year a top Twitter hashatag was #iagreewithnick, more recently that’s changed to #iblamenick . I guess it just shows what a fickle country we all really are!

Enjoy your Sunday 😀

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