Pic of my week – 30/04/2011

Bank holiday’s, a Royal Wedding and Easter, but what did I go and choose as my Pic for this week?

Today, for one day only, I was a timelord! Nerdy ambition complete!

It had to be really! This was of course my pic from ‘The Doctor Who Experience’ in London and I’m right in the middle of the actual Tardis used in the TV show (well for Chris Ecclestone and David Tennant’s reign). It was an amazing sight to behold, as someone with a great interest in TV, I love visiting sets for shows as it is. But as a fan of Doctor Who, it was pretty special to get to step inside the Tardis at long last!

The exhibition itself is running at London’s Olympia until September this year. As well as the Tardis, you can see many props from the shows history and a crazy amount of monsters from the show (Dalek’s galore!).

I was most impressed that the exhibition runners also went to the effort of making a walk-through attraction at the start of the experience, where you are put into the middle of a Doctor Who Episode. The scenery and sequencing of this section was particularly good for a temporary attraction, as we were attacked from all sides by Cybermen, Daleks and Weeping Angels. In fact it gives permanent UK parks such as Alton Towers and Thorpe Park something to think about when it comes to dark rides – this beat most of theirs.

I would fully recommend ‘The Doctor Who Experience’ to any fans of the show, theres plenty to do and some great sights to behold – but at £17.00 for an adult admission, it is perhaps a little pricey for those not so interested.

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