The Doctor is back – and darker than ever!

It’s been a bit of a wait since Christmas day (damn Easter being so late this year!) but finally it’s time for Series 6 of Doctor Who which starts tomorrow night (Saturday 23rd April) at 6.00PM.

And I have to say first of all, it’s a testament to Steven Moffat’s incredible writing last year that I am as excited about this series as I am. Before Moffat and Matt Smith took charge of the TARDIS last year, I had grown a bit bored of Who. The show wasn’t reaching the heights it once had, the stories seemed poorly thought out and rushed with little thought for the overall story.

That all changed last year when the universe became cracked in what was – in my opinion – easily the best series since the shows return in 2005.

But what does this years series hold?

The trailer for series 6 (which you can see below) has been knocking around the web for a few weeks now. What it shows is a much darker and hopefully scarier side to the show. Moffat himself has been telling anyone who will listen, that this years show will be far darker than previous years. It will also have a much more engrossing story arc which runs right from the first episode of this years run.

‘The impossible astronaut’ is the name of tomorrows opener (which Moffat describes as a belter). The whole Who team have crafted the opener as more of a finale. It’s a two-parter, set in America and looks visually stunning from what I have viewed so far. The fact that neither the Doctor or the assistant are changing this year (first time since 2005) should give us more time for a proper story as well. Oh, and a lead character WILL die. Can’t wait for this one!

The series trailer also hints at several more complex story lines. If you watch closely, you’ll notice that the old-style TARDIS from Christopher Ecclestone and David Tennant’s era is there. Why would this make a comeback? Several theories have arisen as to what this could be. I believe it could be hinting at a possible rewind cycle for the Doctor, with Amy and Rory travelling back through the Doctor’s life (a bit like last years ‘The Big Bang’ but I of course could be miles off with this!

I’m also thinking that we could see a parallel universe introduced this year. The show has been split into two series of 7 and 6 eps. When asked about this, Moffat revealed that it was purely for storytelling techniques. Why not have one series in one universe and the other in a different one. It could explain many of the impossible things which are looking likely from the trailer.

This more complex storytelling is what I love and what I believe should always be in Who (it is after all, a show about a man who travels in time), but I do worry it could alienate the audience. Unlike other sci-fi shows, Doctor Who still has a massive mainstream audience and I fear a more involved story could ruin this. And the BBC haven’t helped by scheduling the show at 6.00 when people are either eating or getting their dinner. Come on Beeb, this is a prime-time show, give it a prime-time slot. Heck, even BBC America have.

But any doubts about the quality of the show have been thrown out after last years incredible series. I can’t wait for tomorrow. This show, for me, has replaced the gap that Lost left! I just hope I wont be disappointed!

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