Sunday Rants – Happy Commercialism Day!

Happy Mothers Day everyone! I hope you gave all your mums a fantastic day, because after all they deserve it. But one group of people who don’t deserve it are those big businessmen who make a massive amount of money from events like this… yes you guessed it, it’s another commercialism rant!

Events such as Mothers Day are important, but I can’t stand the amount of corporate advertising and capitalism that surrounds them. It’s been hard within the last few weeks to walk through a town centre (or even watch a bit of TV) without being bombarded by banners, all in pink, trying to get you to splash your cash there for your dear mum.

And yes it’s nice to get something for Mum on Mother’s Day, I’m not denying that, but haven’t we rather missed the point?

The idea of Mothers Day is to spend time with your mum, let them know how special they are. You could let them put their feet up while you carry out some of their day-to-day duties, could cook them a meal and do some of the things that Mum loves. Even just giving them a hug shows your love. But that message (as with everything) has been forgotten and replaced with chocolates, flowers and other miscellaneous gifts at extortionate prices. Who wins? The flippin’ capitalists win… again!

Of course it’s not just Mothers Days that’s far too commercialised, everything is. On Fathers Day you can be sure of at least 5 special compilation CD’s of ‘Dad’s Music’ coming onto the market. On Valentine’s Day you’re no-one if you haven’t showered you loved one with as many trinkets as you can purchase. And juts around the corner is Easter when we should all eat as many chocolate eggs as we can possibly cram into our overstretched digestive system. I mean what? The Easter story doesn’t include an ounce of chocolate or any eggs – yet thanks to commercialism, we all do this every year.

And much as I love it, don’t get me started on Christmas!

It’s gone so far that I propose we remove the silly names we have for them now (after all, they don’t really mean that anymore) and replace them all with ‘Happy Commercialism Day’. We could even have variants if you like (Commercialism Day – Mum Edition) – catchy!

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t celebrate these days and enjoy ourselves, it’s a nice idea. But surely we shouldn’t be pressured into buying shedloads of gifts which we don’t really need. We don’t need it shoved in our face, we can celebrate these days without a load of money being given to the man. And maybe, just maybe, we may enjoy them all the more and appreciate the core values of life!

Thanks for reading, hope you’ve all enjoyed your Mothering Sunday 🙂

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