Pic Of My Week – 02/04/2011

Three weeks into ‘the 365 project’ as it is commonly known and I’m really starting to enjoy building up a range of different photos. You really find you look at things you wouldn’t normally do and that’s the subject of this weeks photo.

trees and The way their branches sprawl everywhere are really quite beautiful

I really like this shot. It shows how easy it is to go out and get an original photo that can look super effective.

All I did here was walk into a park (on an admittedly dull day), look up and take a picture at what I saw with a simple iPhone camera. The fact that the sky is so white brilliantly contrasts against the branches, emphasising their crookedness and the wild nature of the way trees grow.

As I mentioned in the pic’s caption, I do love the way trees look sometimes. They can have a brilliant eerie feel to them which I think have shone through in this photo.

It’s probably not to everyone’s taste, but it’s the kind of effect I was after with it and that’s all that truly matters… I think.

If you enjoy looking at my pics, then don’t forget that I post a pic every day on my twitter feed @chrisbheath !


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