Twitinions – Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon shocked everyone (especially Apple and Google) on Tuesday this week when they unveiled their Cloud Player, allowing anyone to upload their music to the player and playback anywhere in the world.

I’ve not had a chance to use this exciting tool yet (as sadly the player hasn’t launched in the UK at present), but luckily there’s been a massive hive of chatter about the subject on Twitter, so here’s some of your opinions on Amazon’s latest (and maybe greatest) move.

As always, these are the views of those credited and not myself, enjoy!

Most people are being extremely positive of the service from the outset

zacwest: I might bash its problems but the Amazon Cloud Player is pretty snazzy, and a great idea, assuming software support becomes pervasive.

allenrocks: Testing the new #amazon #cloud player and have to say I like it. Though its a deliberate attempt to thwart the #iPhone still like it a lot

hankville: Loving Amazon’s Cloud Player… pause music, no more fucking ads, no more lame “Are you still listening?” pop-ups… heaven…

JamesMurphyFTW: After a day with Amazon Cloud Player, I can safely say it is amazing and will change the way I listen to music forever.

l3wk: Amazon’s new cloud drive/cloud player for mp3s: you made exactly the thing I wanted for storing music. Shut up and take my money!

Many have been obviously contrasting the differences between the Cloud Player and similar services we already have

webdesignMCL: Is intrigued by cloud player. Could this be a new spottify?

Philbert260: Reading the buzz about Amazon’s Cloud Player, but for my money, Rhapsody has the better model.

kristen_maxwell: If someone could make a music player for iphone that combined Pandora, and Amazon Cloud, i would be totally set

DavidBuivid: No thanks to Amazon Cloud Player. I’m waiting for Spotify!

And the most obvious competitor to it (and the people left a bit red faced now), Apple:

joelhowe: Already using Amazon’s #Cloud #Player, syncing music OTA between phone, Xoom tablet, and PC. So easy and a HUGE threat to iTunes!

jackalopekid: I thought Apple would have beat Google to the cloud music player.

aaronarnold: Apple better come up with a product like Amazon Cloud Player… they are in danger of me never opening iTunes again…

tdelet: the amazon mp3 store & cloud player are a stunning reminder of what a piece of shit itunes is.

But the biggest debate still going on, is the threat by Sony and other record labels of action against the player… not that Amazon cares!

mad_house: Despite its value to customers, amazon’s cloud player will really get in the way of studios who seem to prefer a one-device license model.

flatrabbit: Sony Music needs to give it up, trying to convince everyone that Amazon’s Cloud Player needs a license is just idiotic.

cassandrastokes: Music labels are threatening to take legal action against Amazon over it’s Cloud Player service basically because they want more money!

agrinavich: I’m on Team Amazon as far as licensing for the cloud player situation goes. Unless I’m missing something, you’re streaming your own music.

But as always with the web, there’s several opinions and not everyone thinks it’s so great!

wytherwyskers: Uninstalled Cloud Player already. It’s rubbish.

Amazon’s cloud player is still a massive trending topic over on Twitter (due in no small part to the fact it’s being promoted right now), so why not go and weigh in your own opinions on the system. Thanks as always for sharing all your opinions on Twitter, it’s great to see what you all think.

As for me, I can’t wait for Cloud Player when it’s eventually brought to the UK and of course Apple’s inevitable alternative!

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