Pic of my Week – 28/03/2011

A more interesting week of pics than the first I hope you’ll agree! Here’s the Pic of my week.

myself and @NikkiH21 after our fantastic day at the 2011 opening of @alton_towers , good times!

Well, it was unlikely to be anything else!

Toothy smiles all round as we finished our day at Alton Towers grand opening for the 2011 season. I couldn’t wait to get back there and the day didn’t disappoint (even if our Sonic Spinball fastrack mysteriously went walkabout).

The park itself was much busier than last year’s Th13teen launch, which surprised me as the only new and notable thing about the park this year is some crabs which don’t really move.

But despite this, the park was on top form. Lots of repainting has been done, some lost effects have returned on some rides such as Duel, Oblivion has had a lot of work done to it (shame the track hasn’t been given a lick of paint though!) and the staff were all in very high spirits.

And this is what I love about opening days at the Towers, there’s always a great atmosphere, everyone’s always in a great mood and whatever the weather (which was decidedly overcast) and it’s just a great way to escape the horribleness of everyday life.

So well done again to Alton Towers for another fun packed day (and hopefully year). But here’s to 2013 when the park will be unleashing their most expensive ride ever, another worlds first no doubt – can’t wait!

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