Sunday Rants – You don’t own the road!

Following on a little from last weeks rant, this week I’m talking all about the road and more specifically the idiots that use it. Around 90 percent of road users are nice polite people who will abide by the rules to ensure everyone gets where they need to with as little stress as possible.

But as with most things, there’s that minority that let it down for everyone else.

I’m talking about the people who seem to have go it into their tiny little minds that they are the Kings of the road, that they can disregard the rules that the rest of stick to, that they for some reason are above the law.

You all know who I mean. People who will insist on driving their whole journey right on your bumper, even if you are already breaking the speed limit yourself. There’s no need for this kind of driving. It’s dangerous and at the end of the day, completely pointless. It’s not realistically going to get you to your location any sooner. In fact a few meters down the road you’ll come across another law abiding citizen, possibly travelling even slower.

All it causes is hazardous, potentially fatal situations which when we are in a world already overrun with horror and pain, we hardly need any more of.

I’ll give you an of example of the idiocy I’ve seen. A few weeks ago when travelling to work, I was suddenly confronted with a white van hurtling towards me at a high speed. The van had decided to overtake the car on the opposite side of the road. But he had clearly underestimated how long it would take him to do this.

I was forced to slam my brakes and make an emergency stop as there was literally nowhere else to drive . If I hadn’t I would have been hit. And for what reason? The speed limit for that area was 40 miles per hour. 40! The van driver could not bear to stay in that speed limit for a few more yards (we were almost at the end of the zone) an so decided to risk his and my own life to get wherever he was going by a negligible amount. Shocking.

That was obviously a horrible experience for myself, but it still isn’t the biggest example of the pompous, arrogant and idiotic breed of people I’m writing about.

Last week, when travelling home on a dual carriageway, I found myself suddenly being chased by a white Fiat. And I mean chased. I was in the overtaking lane passing several lorries and was already on the speed limit. Yet the person behind kept coming, so close that I couldn’t see the front of their car anymore. If I had’ve applied the brake at any point we would have been in the middle of a big accident.

As soon as a slight gap appeared in the traffic to our right, the Fiat driver was straight into in, speeding to get in front of me before the next lorry. Due to her engine being slightly down on power (and admittedly a slight speed boost from myself),  said driver failed in her challenge and then got stuck behind the slow travelling lorry – Causing, (guess what) her journey time to actually take longer.

And this is exactly my point. Why should we tolerate these people who think they blatantly flout the rules of the road? Why should some be allowed to put people in danger? What is the point of their actions? And how on earth did they pass their test?

People like this really do annoy me, because they tend to be the sort of people who disagree with any kind of order. I’m not saying that everything we are ‘told’ to do is correct, but at least recognise it’s there for a reason – to make our lives work and our society to keep going. It would all collapse into shit if these rules weren’t in place and maybe we should all keep that in mind a little more often.

Enjoy your Sunday 😀

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