Square Eyes #8 – A Wolf shaped waste of time and and uneventful returne

Two big sci-fi drama’s had rather important outings this week. The one from the UK, “Being Human” completed it’s third run and US show “The Event” returned to our screens after a very long hiatus. It’s a shame that both were massive disappointments.

I’ll start with “Being Human”. I’ve watched this supernatural drama about a Vampire, two Werewolfs and a Ghost who live together, since it’s very first episode in 2009 and was very much anticipating the finale.

After all, the plot had been building up for weeks. Right from the start there was a prophecy from purgatory that Mitchell would meet his end by a wolf shaped bullet… Oooh exciting! Then Herrick came back, the uber villain from the first series and quite frankly the only villain in the show that’s ever been any good. Fantastic. And then to top everything, Mitchell goes and gets arrested which will lead to the discovery of all the worlds vampires (remember, if he has a photo taken, it wont show up… he’s a vampire.

This is set to be a cracker.

But it wasn’t. If anything I found the episode a great big yawn-fest. The three things I was looking forward to were answered very unsatisfactorily within the first 1/2 hour.

Vampires weren’t discovered because Herrick busted Mitchell out of prison with far too much ease. I understand he killed some of them, but where were all the guards that had been standing there previously, guarding the MASS MURDERER they had spent weeks finding?

Then the ‘wolf-shaped bullet’ prophecy was answered. The girl who first mentioned it in purgatory, Lia (played by Lacey Tuner) revealed that she had actually made up the whole idea. Yes, the prophecy had self-fulfilled itself due to Mitchell’s actions, but that’s still a lame explanation.

And then we come to the thing that annoyed me the most. Herrick is a brilliant character. I’ve been waiting for his return for ages. He is the absolute epitomy of a villain and is a joy to watch. So imagine my annoyance when less than an hour after he made his proper return, he was killed by Mitchell. Riiight…

And this left me thinking what was the point of the last seven weeks?

But still, there was 15 minutes to go, maybe these 15 minutes would save the episode.

They didn’t. Instead, they decided – in the finale – to introduce some new villains who apparently make Herrick look like nothing. NO! I hate that idea. I hate bringing in new characters that have had nothing to do with the rest of the series, just for the finale. I don’t know what Toby Whithouse was thinking when he wrote this shocking episode.

There was a final shock left. Mitchell was eventually killed by a Werewolf, George (and I must say Russell Tovey’s performance throughout the episode was still as fantastic as ever), who staked his friend in the heart. I would almost applaud this shocking move if it wasn’t for the fact that I reckon Mitchell will be back next year. And that will probably be by some unexplained circumstance just dreamt up to give Aiden Turner more airtime.

So as you can guess, I was less than impressed by that finale, but at least “Being Human” had a great series up to that point, unlike Channel 4’s “The Event”.

Where to start with this one… Well, “The Event” is the story of aliens that have been living on Earth for years (and for ease of the story look just like us) and now they want to escape/invade/do something (I’m not too sure). And I guess that this will be the event.

This show started so well. After the first episode, I thought I may have found a replacement for my beloved “Lost”. But sadly as the series went on, nothing really happened (very ironic for a show called the event) and this caused viewing figures to fall and the show to go off on hiatus for several months.

Last night it returned, with the promise of amazing revelations and answers.

But sadly it failed to deliver anything substantial. We found out some stuff – The aliens are now bringing more people to Earth, one of the main characters is actually an alien and didn’t realise it, the aliens have been building a big dish thing. And to be fair, some things did happen – lots of the aliens escaped captivity, Zeljko Ivanek got shot a bit (as he does in everything he stars in) and there was an almost touching moment when Layla and her little sister (who had been kidnapped) were reunited.. ahhh.

But the problem is, none of this really had any substance. I was expecting some sort of game-changing revelation – and judging by how OTT the music was, so did the shows composer. I mean there were dramatic crescendo’s and people staring into the mid-distance every time anyone said anything no matter how unimportant it was. I’m sure the shows star Jason Ritter couldn’t have farted last night without a big trumpet finale.

I decided to give the show a chance last night after the lacklustre first ten episodes. My verdict – I’ll give it one more chance. Despite my scathing review, there’s still potential in this show, but it’s fast disappearing. I can only hope that something happens to improve it, but I don’t expect it too. Even Heroes never became this dire.

And so I’ve come to a conclusion. We need a good sci-fi show. “Being Human”, “The Event” and “Outcasts” have all failed me recently. I guess I’ll have to wait until “Doctor Who’s” return. Only just over a month to go…


2 Responses to Square Eyes #8 – A Wolf shaped waste of time and and uneventful returne

  1. Sharon says:

    Actually, Aidan Turner will not be back due to his schedule shooting The Hobbit (which I think is 2 to 3 years). The actor asked that his character be killed off as opposed to being “sent away” with his “return” hanging over the production. Toby obliged and starting writing Mitchell off as soon as S2.

    • chrisbheath says:

      I stand corrected. I’m glad to hear that as it at lease makes it more of a shock and a better ending. What did you think of the finale as a whole though. I stand by my opinion that it was a weak ending to a pretty good series.

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