Sunday Rants – Manners Cost Nothing

It annoys me slightly that the title of this weeks rant is a ‘saying’ after last weeks argument to do away with them, but it is perhaps the simplest way to sum up how I feel on this matter. Manners, politeness, kindness. Things that we all possess within us if we look deep enough, but things that our modern world of violence, hatred and horror has caused us to forget.

I’m not talking grand gestures here. Obviously going right out of your way to be nice to someone is great and should be encouraged, but I’m talking on a much smaller scale.

For example, holding the door open for someone. I think you’ll agree that isn’t a hard task, it’s a common courtesy. However, that seems not to be the case so much anymore. Countless times this week I’ve had the door slammed in my face because the person in front couldn’t be bothered to hold it open for me. On one such occasion the person in front, some pug-faced woman, chose to turn, look, acknowledge me, pull a glare and then walk on without holding the door.

I’m unsure what I’d done to offend her or whether she had decided in her mind that she couldn’t possibly wait a further 5 seconds, but it does annoy me that people do not posses that single cell of politeness to hold a door for someone.

And then there’s the two simple words, please and thankyou. Not much, but it’s nice to hear them. I think I’m the only person at my workplace canteen that uses both when ordering and paying for my food. Once again, I thought this was a common courtesy.

I’m not trying to make myself out a perfect individual for doing this. Simple gestures cost nothing and although they’re hardly going to make someone’s day, they help to keep us human, as a race of individuals who are polite and will help one another along. It’s almost a sense of camaraderie, were all in this together as our leader Cameron laughingly says.

Of course if you take this idea onto the road, it becomes even worse. No-one gives an inch on the road. If you need to turn right over two lanes of traffic during rush hour, you might as well not bother. No-one will let you out, despite the fact that they’re not moving either. It makes such a little difference and keeps us all moving if you allow others out into the stream of traffic, but very few people will.

There seems to be a shared opinion – when driving – that we’re all competing with one another. You shouldn’t let someone else out, because then they’d be doing better than you. You should also be impatient and sit right on the rear bumper of the one in front until they give up and let you through. And if you don’t, you’ll get a very angry driver honking their horn at you as if you hadn’t noticed them. There’s no manners left on the road.

And the sad thing is that our world could be a happier place if we all just looked out for one another a bit more. If we all cared for others, even if they’re complete strangers. But it seems that most of us have forgotten that. Technology has made us so busy and unable to stop and just say help to one another.

So make it your duty today to remember these ideals and pass them on. Despite the horror that it unfolding all around the world at this very moment, let’s try and make things just a little bit nicer, by being nice to one another!

Enjoy your Sunday 😀

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