Thoughts for Japan

I’m sure we’ve all seen the terror in Japan today after what has been the biggest Earthquake/Tsunami to ever hit the country.

I first heard about the disaster this morning from my mother and then the radio, but I wasn’t ready for the sheer scale of the incident.

I think the image of the Sendall Airport having been tuned completely into a wasteland is one of the most shocking. You would hardly think that yesterday this place was an international airport as planes and vehicles lay strewn across the flooded tarmac.

The news channels have also had horrific footage all day as the wave slowly made it’s way over the land, taking everything from trees to cars to buildings to people with it.

This has to be one of the worst disasters I have ever seen and my thoughts and prayers are obviously with the victims and family’s of this terrible ordeal in Japan and the other countries affected by the mammoth wave.

And it’s at times like this that we should really consider how lucky we are to have what we have and enjoy it for as long as we can.

If you would like to donate to the appeal,  you can at the Red Cross Website.


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