Twitinions – The Lib Dem Massacre

Things didn’t go exactly to plan for the Liberal Democrats last night. The Barnsley Central by-election saw Nick Clegg’s party poll 6th, behind both UKIP and the BNP. More crucially there was a drop from 17.2% of the vote to a feeble 4.1%.

Naturally this has been a massive talking point, with the media slamming the Lib Dem’s in every way they can whilst Clegg desperately tries to convince us that it’s not all that bad.

But what about the views of the Twittersphere? The following are extracts from the global conversation still ongoing on Twitter and are the views of those credited, not my own.

The main concensus was – unsurprisingly – that the Liberal Democrats are fast becoming the countries least popular party!

@eviemoh Just found out the results for barnsley. Just wow. This is just proof that the Lib Dems are dead.

@stupor Oh dear. The Lib Dems are trending for all the wrong reasons.

A lot of Twitter was overrun with people blaming Nick Clegg for allowing the Conservatives to ruin the party:

@gporritt Lib Dems crawl into sixth place in Barnsley, yep that’s #nickcleggsfault

@law_ender Let’s get this straight, Lib Dems aren’t in a position of power, they’re in a position of doing what they’re told by the Tories #R5L

@rossgillam Clegg has recieved quite a bashing since forming the Coalition, but even he must be concerned by how badly the Lib Dems polled in Barnsley

@jeffbres Anyone else a bit surprised at how glibly Lib Dems dismiss Barnsley interest as not being the same as national interest?

A few were looking at the bigger picture:

@Ciaran_Laval I don’t know whether to laugh at the Lib Dems for coming sixth in the Barnsley By-Election or be horrified that the BNP are more popular.

@londonolympix Just think if we had #avvoting now the Lib Dems would probably have won Barnsley election BUT wouldn’t have known result till mid next wk

But mot people (including a few ‘famous’ faces) spent the day Lib Dem bashing!

@richdavidson @ollygrender lib dems = good men doing nothing.

@Number10cat Things must be bad for the Lib Dems; Gazza’s just turned up in Clegg’s office with a bucket of chicken, some beers and a fishing rod…

@Queen_UK Mr Clegg on the phone. Bit upset that the Lib Dems are now less popular than Colonel Gaddafi.

@gedrobinson Lib Dems have been saying “wait for real results not opinion polls”, I wonder what they are saying now? #Dan4Barnsley

@johnprescott What’s the difference between @CharlieSheen and the Lib Dems? Charlie Sheen is #winning

Not everyone wanted to be negative though:

@trurojoe @ns_mehdihasan why not seize this wonderful opportunity to say something nice about the Lib Dems?

And some weren’t even sure what all the fuss was about:

@SACricketGirl Why on earth are the Lib Dems trending????


As always, some brilliant comments on Twitter, thanks to all of you who shared them with the world and made us think as well as giving us a laugh. Something tells me it’s more of the thinking and less of the laughing that @Nick_Clegg is going to have to do in the coming months…


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