Sunday Rants: Losing the pounds

What’s the point of getting fit? Everyone is always pushing it in your face. Get fit after Christmas, shape up for summer, loose weight this winter. But seriously, what is the point? You’re only going to put it all back on again.

I should explain where the nature of this rant has come from. Since Christmas, I have actively joined the idea of losing a few pounds. I’ve been exercising more, eating less and having a few goes on the old Wii Fit!

And hey, I have indeed lost a few pounds. But not a noticeable amount.

I’ve been going at this for over a month now and am failing to see any significant difference. I’m more or less the same weight as I was when not exercising at all and eating loads, to what I am now I have cut back.

So how do I rectify this? Well I suppose first of all I could cut back even more. Heck, maybe I should reduce some of my meals to less than a snack. But the problem there is that I do, like most people, enjoy food. I don’t binge eat by any stretch of the imagination and I don’t snack during the day, so I consider the amount I eat to be just fine. And why should I take that away just to become a bit slimmer.

Another option could be to exercise more. In fact, why don’t I join a gym. Or how about I don’t. The last thing I need is some personal trainer telling me to ‘feel the burn’ and ‘just keep going’ for an extortionate price. I have Wii Fit to do that already!

There are other activities that I could take up and do more often, I do enjoy sports such as Badminton and Tennis and maybe I will make more of an effort to play these again in the future.

But it gets me thinking about the reason that I or anyone else, chooses to loose wait. It’s all just to conform with what is expected from society. And I hate that.

We are all individuals, all different and that should be celebrated. We shouldn’t be told how we should look, we shouldn’t be told how to act. But we are and we all do it. The perceptions that have been built up in society are similar to that of a dictatorship, yet we all strive to meet them, just like our favourite celebrities. After all, there are magazine’s publicly shaming our celebs if they put on a couple of pounds… oh they have a hard life.

I’m not trying to say here that it’s right for everyone to be fat, but it’s not right for everyone to be thin either. We do need to make sure we don’t over indulge, but at the same time, whats the point of heavy dieting and extreme exercise (unless you enjoy it, in which case be my guest). We only have one life (as far as we know) we might as well spend our time enjoying it!

Enjoy your Sunday and eat as much as you want! I will, although I may end up looking like this! 😀

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