Sunday Rants: Celebrity Culture

Over the past 50 or so years, our country, well, our world has been slowly invaded by an evil force. But this isn’t a traditional invasion, there’s n army so to speak and there’s no hostility from either side. In fact we seem to have just grown to accept it. I am of course talking about the horror that is celebrity culture.

The idea of idols has of course been around for thousands of years. People have always needed someone to worship. But since the invention of Radio, TV and now the internet, the people we worship have become more and more diluted.

Instead of God’s and Messiah’s, it’s now the latest pop sensation or actor or comedian that gets disciples following their every move.

And when people start becoming too interested in these Zeleb’s, we start getting told more about them. ITV2 for example has become a haven for shows which follow these people’s every single move and documents it all in a poor excuse for a programme. Are there really enough people interested in watching what Peter flipping Andre did next?

Apparently there is and this is the problem. The general consensus is that we should put these people up on a pedestal and aspire to be like them. It’s perfectly normal to hang backstage for hours to get a glimpse of them, or try and hug them, get as many photo’s as you can of them and buy them gifts.

We care about these people more than we do the actual people we see in our everyday lives. We’re certainly more interested in what they’re doing and saying than any of the boring sod’s around us… and that’s not healthy.

Of course, a site that I love has also caused a big part of this problem. Twitter has become completely infested with the Zeleb’s meaning you can follow their every single move including watching them have public slanging matches with other celebrities on the site. And if you write to them, sometimes they’ll write back to you and it will be like they’re your bestest buddy, how friggin’ great is that!! After all, who would want real friends when you could have celebs (the sad thing is, I think a lot of people genuinely think like this).

Of course the whole idea of celeb culture causes you to think that if you’re not doing what these people are doing or looking like they look, then quite frankly you are no-one. It’s turning the UK into a completely manufactured group of people where no-one is original. And what’s worst is that we spend our whole life sitting watching other people’s celebrity lifestyle’s, wanting to know what their doing instead of living our own pitiful lives which are only pitiful because we spend all of it watching other zeleb’s and not living our own!

It’s a dreadful, vicious circle and one I wish would stop. But it never will, there’s just too much interest in the Zeleb’s, which means the media will keep feeding it to us and we will keep watching. Quite frankly, I think we’re doomed.

Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

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