Sunday Rants: Cleaning and sorting out

Every year it is done and every year I fail to see the point of it.

The big clearout of the house. It often goes under other names such as ‘Spring Cleaning’ or ‘tidying the house from top-to-bottom’, but we all know what it means. Time wasted moving objects from one place to another place.

So those DVD’s you have piled up on the floor get filed away to spruce the room up a bit. Those papers, pens and other articles you find on your desk get shoved into drawers and other places they’ll fit so as to give the impression that there’s space on the desk now. And of course other things get thrown in the loft never to be seen again.

And this is all very well for now, the house looks tidy and ‘presentable’ once more. That is until you want to find said item again, which you used to know lived on the floor in your room below the chest of drawers, but now you have no idea where it is after you moved it around in your ‘big sort out’.

Then of course there is the cleaning and the dusting. For me, dusting is the most pointless activity ever devised. You spend time every week dusting every surface, nook, cranny and crevice you can find. Turn your back for one minute to empty your duster and when you turn back around, the dust has started mounting again. It’s a war we can never win and therefore I just dont bother anymore, (well I do a bit but nowhere near as regularly as some people).

And all the time that we are spending hiding our possessions, chucking out ones that we’ll regret chucking out a few months later and moving dust particles from one area to another – we are wasting doing things we enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong, I know some things have to be done that we don’t enjoy, we can’t all live in Cloud Cuckoo Land (although that would be nice!). But regular cleaning and sorting out is not one of them. It’s not living like a slob, it’s living in organised chaos and spending time doing what you want rather than what we are perceived to have to do.

What could be better?

One Response to Sunday Rants: Cleaning and sorting out

  1. Karen says:

    I look forward to seeing a nice tidy room to go with the rest of the house…….

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