The Fast Lane #4: F1 2010 – The Final Countdown

And so, here we are again. One race to go and as we head to Abu Dhabi, everything is to play for, but this time even more is at stake than normal.

I’m amazed that this many races down the line, there are still 4 people mathematically in with a chance of winning the 2010 F1 championship. You’d have never have believed it after the dominance of Ferrari in Bahrain at the start of the season. But Alonso’s winning ways wained with both McLaren and Red Bull sharing the honours. That was until recently when Alonso miraculously fought his way back into contention, consistently scoring podiums since Germany.

But how is this incredibly close fight going to finish, that’s a difficult one.

The smart money is on Alonso. I’ve tipped him to be the winner of this years championship since Singapore and it looks increasingly likely now as he holds an 8 point lead going into the race. But that’s not to say it’ll be an easy ride for the Spaniard. After his brief spell of dominance, the Red Bulls (which have really been the car to beat this season) have come back to form, easily outclassing the rest of the field in Brazil.

And this brings me on to the man who I believe deserves to win this championship, Mark Webber. He’s been nothing short of outstanding this year. The Australian has really honed his driving and has got the most out of the car when it counted. That doesn’t excuse some costly mistakes (Korea springs to mind). Mark has also suffered too much unreliability from the blitzingly fast Red Bull. And of course the biggest factor, the rivalry from his team-mate combined with the teams ‘favouritism’ towards Vettel. It’s been a tough season, yet Mark has continued to be strong and has appeared a genuine man. I would love him to win the championship.

His team-mate Vettel has also proved to be a great racer this year, even if a bit reckless at times. His willingness to have a laugh with the team and TV crews has been extremely refreshing and I’m sure he will make a great champion in the future. But like it or not, I don’t think this will be Vettel’s year. He’s 15 points behind Alonso, a steep mountain to climb in one race, especially as Webber also has nothing to lose and is in a better position. Vettel has proved he has World Champion material and I’m sure he will take that title, possibly as early as next year, but not just yet.

And that leaves us with Lewis Hamilton. A few weeks ago, I declared both Hamilton and Button out of the championship realistically. I’m surprised how well Hamilton has clung on, mathematically still in with a chance. But lets be honest, he needs a miracle. At 24 points behind Alonso, Hamilton needs to win with both Alonso and Webber not scoring and Vettel no higher than 6th. It’s not really a feesable situation and despite a strong season, Hamilton has to be written off… although it would be an amazing story.

And there we have it. The epic finale to the 2010 season. Four can mathematically do it, two realistically have a chance and one of them will be champion in four days time.

Can’t wait!


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