The Fast Lane #3 – Korean Grand Prix Prediction

Rather annoyingly, tomorrow will mark something unusual for me. One of the only times I have ever missed watching a Grand Prix. In fact I wont even be near a computer for the next few days and so blogging about the F1 this week is out of the question.

Therefore, I’ve decided I should do a preview to the inaugural Korean Grand Prix and make a few predictions, so here goes…

First of all, I must say it’s a bit of a miracle that we’ve even made it to Korea for this race. The track was only officially signed off two weeks ago and it’s quite clear that it’s not quite finished (the bridge over the pit straight was not useable until late yesterday).

But wow, it is quite a track. It seems to have everything we want from a track. There’s fast straights finishing with slow corner’s – great for overtaking. But there’s also fast and challenging corners which should create a great spectacle! I’m really annoyed I’m oing to miss this race!

And now on to the drivers themselves. It was widely suggested that this was going to be a McLaren track, but as always, the Red Bull’s have pulled out the surprise 1-2 in qualifying. In fact the McLaren’s didn’t really shine at all, with Hamilton 4th and Button only managing 7th.

Alonso outdrove the Ferrari’s potential again to get third on the grid. He’s still my tip for the championship, I think the momentum is firmly with him.

Having said that, it looks great for the Red Bull’s tomorrow. They are extremely fast around this track and we know from previous races that they can keep the opposition behind them. But which one will win it? I still think Webber has the better chance this year, Vettel is still a little inexperienced. Of course that won’t stop Vettel defending his position to the hilt, but I think Webber has the better chance tomorrow. He’s just a more complete racer.

I’m hoping for some magic though. I want Alonso to get up there and split the Red Bull’s, I want the McLaren’s to go well in race trim (lets face it they need to). And I’d even like Michael Schumacher to get his podium that he so craves (somehow I don’t think that will happen). Kubica and Rosberg should cause some trouble, particularly for Jenson Button who starting in 7th could be the person to watch. And of cause Massa’s tactics could also make a big difference.

I really do think this is going to be a special race, everything is set for a very entertaining two hours. And who knows, with the ‘weatherman’ Legard banging on about rain again for tomorrow, this really could be the race of the season!

I just wish I could see it 😦

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