I’ve interviewed the Labour leader!

Within the last hour the result came in. After weeks of campaigning, Ed Miliband has become the 23rd leader of the Labour party.

And it was the closest of votes.

Ed had been trailing his brother all the way through the various rounds of the election, only edging the victory in the final round of the ‘alternative vote’. It’s interesting to see how this AV vote works in action (especially with the Lib Dem’s call to use it in general elections), as it meant the original victor from the round one vote, David, did not win out overall.

Of course the mass media are now jumping on the story, claiming there’ll be a divide in the party. That’s quite possible as nearly half the party wanted David over Ed and the fact that Ed won on the UNION’s vote alone.

But that’s for the coming weeks to show us, as for right now, I’m happy for another reason. I’ve met Ed Miliband before, in fact I’ve interviewed him only a few months ago. Back then he was in Stoke-on-Trent, campaigning during the general election. It was a flying stop so I was only able to get a few questions in, but he gave very full answers and came across as a genuinely nice guy.

Now he is a politician, so how genuine he really is is up for massive debate, but you can decide for yourself from my original interview for StaffsLive below.

Now of course the real work begins for Ed, but with the coalition already starting to crumble, maybe it’ll be easier than he thinks…

2 Responses to I’ve interviewed the Labour leader!

  1. Peter says:

    Not sure what you mean by “overall winner from overall vote” didn’t win. That wasn’t due to AV, as Ed Miliband defeated David Miliband when matched one-to-one. Perhaps you mean the different weighting of votes from different kinds of voter’s Labour’s Electoral College?

    • chrisbheath says:

      Hi Peter.

      Sorry if I didn’t make that clear, what I meant was David had the majority of the overall round one vote with ALL candidates still in play rather than the final vote between just David and Ed.

      Hope that makes sense!

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