Toy Story 3: The Time Has Come!

Yes the whole world may have ganged up against us here in Britain to make sure we were pretty much the last country to see Toy Story 3, but tonight, nearly 14 years of waiting will come to an end!

Toy Story 3 has finally made it to British shores and I can barely contain my excitement. For anyone who wasn’t 7 at the time the original came out, this film is a pretty massive deal for our generation. The first Toy Story brought us amazing 3D animation for the first time, combined with hilarious characters and a heartwarming story. The second followed a few years later with a similarly fantastic plot.

And now after a gap of over 10 years, the third and final instalment has arrived. It’s been getting amazing reviews everywhere, with hardly any negatives to speak of.

It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be funny and it’s going to be emotional!

To hear what I thought first, check my facebook and twitter feeds this evening (probably around 10.30) and I’ll post a proper review tomorrow night.

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