Song Of The Week – 16/07/2010

This weeks song is from a few years ago and part of a revival of a British classic. Queen ground to a halt after the tragic death of their charismatic frontman Freddie Mercury. But then in 2005, the thing we thought we’d never see again happened. Brian May and Roger Taylor toured with Paul Rodgers under the name Queen+Paul Rodgers. It was a massive success and a few years later on in 2008, they released ‘The Cosmos Rocks’ the first studio album in 15 years.

I’ve chosen a song from that album as this weeks song.

We Believe

Queen+Paul Rodgers

Now before I continue, lets make the point that it’s true, Queen+Paul Rodgers isn’t quite the same as the original band. Paul isn’t the same as Freddie, but that’s not the point, the point is the album brought us great music, such as this track.

We Believe is a track that builds as it goes, starting very small and quiet before building to a massive harmony at the end.

It also has some extremely emotive lyrics. At the start of the song Rodgers proclaims ‘I believe there’s no evil out there we didn’t have a hand in’, a statement that rings true for many. There’s religion, theres truth, theres nations united.

It’s a powerful song with a powerful message and is well worth a listen. Different from the traditional Queen, but still retaining those original qualities (and certainly harmonies).

I hope you enjoy, ‘We Believe’.

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