So Spain Wins, But who cares?

The last four weeks as you will know unless you’ve been living under a humungous rock the size of the moon, brought us the 2010 football world cup. The proceeding finally came to an end yesterday when Spain were crowned the winners and well done to them, they played well.

But now to put a downer on things, I’ll reveal what I thought of the last few weeks… hideously boring.

Now, I’m not a big football fan, but I do always enjoy the world cup, but this year, it just didn’t do it for me.

There was a raft of 1-0 victories and low scoring games towards the start of the tournament and perhaps this is to be expected in the early rounds. But when it kept happening with team after team not even seeming to get the ball near the goal, it became very tiresome. Yes there were some thrillers, (Germany and Holland put on some good shows), but they were few and far between.

Maybe I didn’t care as much because of FIFA’s poor rulings. I am English so I do of corse refer to the goal that wasn’t a goal. But that wasn’t all, there were several offsides, handballs and fouls which were blatantly ignored this year. When you compare this to other sports which all pretty exclusively use either technology or replays, it makes football look extremely dated.

But I think the real reason I didn’t care, was there just wasn’t anyone who set the world alight. The players didn’t really look very much into the football either. The pundits looked like they were trying their best to try and enthuse a dead tournament and as for James Corden… lets not go there.

So that was the World Cup 2010, I’m sure many enjoyed it and I’m sure I would too if I’d have been a bigger footy fan, but as a casual viewer, I found nothing to shout about at all… ah well there’ll be another one in a few years I expect!

I’m positive that many of you disagree with everything I’ve just said so if you do (or even if you agree) please leave a comment and vent your views!

One Response to So Spain Wins, But who cares?

  1. Tim says:

    To be honest, even though I’m a huge footy fan, I was quite jaded by the tournament. Too many stars and countries who didn’t really turn up. Too many big games that were damb squibs (e.g. Brazil v Portugal). Too many silly refereeing errors where the officials could and should have had technological support to back them up. And while it was amusing the first couple of times, by the end it was embarrassing watching how helpless the goalkeepers were when anything was hit towards them at pace.

    And then it was sad to see a final which was played in such a cynical fashion by the Dutch, the inventors of “total football”. Sigh.

    And don’t even get me started on England! I’ve written far too many blogs over the past couple of weeks about that particular shower …

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