Song of the week – 09/07/10

That’s right, song of the week, on a FRIDAY! Well it was supposed to be but due to technical errors, it’s now here on this Saturday. I decided to move the day as I personally think the feature works better at the end of a week of work (something I’m starting to get used to!).

So without further ado, I declare this week’s RHP song of the week…


Brandon Flowers

I’m sure most of you will already be aware, but this is the first solo effort from Brandon Flowers of ‘The Killers’ fame. It’s been coming for a while and the first song from his album Flamingo has been available on sits such as YouTube for a couple of weeks now.

I’ve been a fan of The Killers for quite a while so obviously I’ve been looking forward to thisrelease. And my opinion? Well a little mixed. I do quite like ‘Crossfire’, but I’ve not been sucked in like so many others. I’d heard amazing things about this song, but personally I think it’s quite average.

It’s very Killers-esque (as you’d expect) but it seems to be missing something. Maybe it’s the lack of Dave Keuning‘s guitar as ‘Crossfire’ seems to be very keyboard based. Perhaps it’s the creative input from the other band members. I’m not sure, but for me, this song isn’t quite there yet.

But give it a few more listens, it took me quite a while to appreciate ‘The Killers’ second album ‘Sams’s Town’ and I now love it. I’m sure this song will grown on me to the levels that it has to others and I’m positive that Brandon’s solo effort will be an exciting and unique piece of work.

But for now, enjoy Crossfire, this week’s RHP Song of the Week.

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