Don’t bet against Matt Smith!

So as I’m sure you all know, the latest series of Doctor Who came to a close last Saturday, bringing to an end one of the most enjoyable series of British TV that I have ever watched.

But it seems not everyone agrees. In fact this series has probably had the most mixed reviews of any since the show was revived in 2005. This worries me, because in my opinion, series 5, written by Steven Moffatt, is when Doctor Who became clever again. We didn’t just get linear stories, they were pieced together how a time-travel show should be. We didn’t see historical figures for no reason, they were part of the overarching plot. And we had episodes that were well paced rather than ended abruptly.

I’m worried, because this series was clever, it didn’t give you everything on a plate, it made you think a bit. Intelligent drama is a cornerstone of British TV and I dread to think what our TV landscape could look like if audiences can’t even take to the latest Doctor Who.

But what worries me more, is the fact that shortly after the finale bowed out to 5.1 million viewers (not great but still respectable considering the weather/world cup/fifth series) bookmakers started slashing odds for new(ish) doctor Matt Smith to leave the role. Not only that but they suggested David Morrissey or even JAMES CORDEN should be his replacement.

This horrifies me because if there was one thing that series 5 got bang on it was Matt Smith as the doctor. He stepped into the role magnificently and in my opinion has already outshone David Tennant and his gurning.

Now of course we know that Matt and Moffatt are going no-where soon and the BBC are said to be pleased with the latest series. But I am still worried, how long will the BBC keep listening to the critics who love the new style before they revert to the viewing figures and give us some more tosh… British TV could be in danger…

One Response to Don’t bet against Matt Smith!

  1. Tim says:

    I’m not so worried. Although the outright numbers for this season have been lower, the audience share has remained high. And, as you say, weather and World Cup were big factors too. Viewing numbers are down on every major show the world over as we increasingly shift to delayed viewing, iPlayer and so on – none of which show up in the overnight ratings the press are so quick to pounce on.

    I love Matt Smith’s portrayal of the Doctor. He has just that right balance of serious credibility and utter nuttiness (even Tennant couldn’t have done THAT dance!), while always reminding us that he isn’t quite human. The BBC would be mad to get rid of him – or Karen Gillan, for that matter.

    If you’re interested, I’ve just posted my own review of season 5 (or should that be series 31?) I would love to exchange views with you. In the meantime, roll on Christmas special. I can’t wait!

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