Song Of The Week: 28/06/2010

Well well well, what’s this making a reappearance after a nine month drought? It’s only ‘Song Of The Week’!

That’s right, every week (when I remember) I post up a song for that week, a song I think deserves to be featured or highlighted.

So what have I picked for the first post back???

This week’s RHP Song Of The Week

Where The Streets Have No Name

U2 and Muse

Now the more eagle-eyed amongst you (aka all of you) will notice that I’ve listed two artists for this song. U2 of course wrote and performed the original song as part of their 5th album ‘The Joshua Tree’, but at Glastonbury two days there was a very unique performance of it.

As part of Muse’s headline set, The Edge came on stage to perform this classic U2 song with them. I was blown away by it, clearly one of the best performances of this years Glasto festival. I’ve always rated Matt Bellamy as an amazing singer and performer, but he stepped seamlessly into Bono’s boots, not an easy task. The end result was nothing short of epic as two of Britains biggest bands joined together.

And so here it is, the performance from Glasto, I hope you enjoy it and if you did, why not download the original from iTunes?!

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