LibCon or LibLab?

Today could be the day… but don’t hold your breath!

We’re 5 days since the election yet still we don’t have a new PM, but could it be today? Nick Clegg said this morning that he was keen to make a deal today, but who with? After all, both the Conservatives and Labour are giving him what he wants now… a referendum on electoral reform.

Earlier today I was invited to my local, The Graduate in Stoke where BBC Midlands Today wanted to know what we think. I was interested to hear my fellow students views.

The majority there seemed to think LibCon was the way to go and I’m inclined to agree. The Conservatives did after all get the most seats and the most votes, that only seems fair that they get to be in government. However there are so many policy differences between the two parties. Labour and LibDems are much closer together.

But what most people were annoyed with, was the fact that 5 days on, we still have no clear winner. Students at The Graduate earlier were starting to get bored of the whole election, and disappointed that we still don’t have a government. And who can blame them… I think this election has really proved how outdated our electoral system is and how it should be changed.

But I do have to say that overall, I’ve found this election fascinating. I can’t believe the events of yesterday which saw Brown depart and the Tories crumble. Clegg has the key to our next government, but which way will he side. In the next few hours we may know!

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