A parliament hung!

Well who’d have thought it? We woke up 2 days ago with Gordon still effectively in charge of the country!

Well in all honestly , who wouldn’t have predicted it. I’ve been saying we were heading for a hung parliament for weeks now. Why? Because no-one really seemed to know what they wanted. There’s was no doubt from most that Labour had messed up and we needed something new, but most hated the Tories. There’s always the Lib Dems screamed others and ‘The Clegg Factor’ seemed to be gaining them ground, but no-where near enough. This was always going to be a hung parliament!

So what happens now?

Well most are saying that we’re going to see a coalition between Cameron and Clegg. It does seem the most likely, both leaders have expressed their interest in this and as far as their concerned it keeps Brown out. But would it really work, 2 parties that have always been so far apart.

And that of course brings us onto electoral reform. The Lib Dems want it and the Tories certainly do not. To be fair to the Liberals, it does seem grossly unfair that they got 23% of the popular vote yet only 57 seats in Parliament, maybe proportional representation is the way to go.

Thats definitely the view of 1000’s of protesters in London today, all rallying that Clegg should stay strong and demand electoral reform to Cameron. And I think that’s where we are now. It’s all down to Nick Clegg (so really the Lib Dems have got the power they wanted). But will Clegg stay strong and demand the deal he deserves, or will he let Cameron walk over him? The coming days will tell.

Of course this might not be anywhere near the end, if it all goes wring (which with politic it normally does) we’ll all be off to the ballot box in a few months to do it all over again! Lets just hope they have enough people manning them this time!

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