Working at the BBC

Sorry for the severe lack of updates recently, but it is for a fairly good reason.

You see this week I was fortunate enough to return to the BBC for some work experience. This time it was with the BBC Stoke and Staffordshire website.

But what have I been doing? I hear you all ask! Well I could explain about, the photo-gallery I made, band I interviewed and Staffordshire Hoard speech I filmed… but instead I’ll simply show you! Here’s some of the work I did:

‘Mercians’ claim the Staffordshire Hoard

Polish community weblinks in Stoke and Staffordshire

In Pictures: Staffordshire Day-to-day life in February

Pegasus Bridge interview < This appears to not be working right now… should be back online later

BBC search for Rugeley Power station workers

There will be more coming online in the next few days after a few BBC tweaks, but these are the articles currently on the site that are entirely my own work.

I really feel I learnt a lot in my weeks W/E for he Beeb and especially how to write for the web. You never know, it may improve the quality of this site!

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