Warner To Deny Spotify-ers?!

It’s being reported that Warner have decided to pull their music from free providers such as Spotify.

The music label have decided to discontinue music from their acts (which include Muse, R.E.M. and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers). Sites affected include We7, Spotify and Last.FM

Personally I think this is absolutely ridiculous. These services have been invaluable in re-launching the music industry in a difficult time. Although no large profit has been made from the services yet, it certainly beats illegal downloading and is a great way of tackling it (for those who don’t know, these services provide free streaming music which is funded by adverts.)

Spotify premium is also growing at a string rate (especially with the iPhone integration).

I really think this is a mistake by Warner, like it or not, the old music model is changing and the record labels need to evolve and embrace technology like Spotify or risk losing the whole industry to pirates.

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