Endless Friends… It’s OVER!!

I for one have never been a fan of the show ‘Friends’, but even if I was, I think I might have got  little bit sick of Channel 4’s obsession with airing them over and over.

Well today it seems those days are numbered as Channel 4 have decided not to continue their contract with Warner Bros. to show the programme. It means that no longer will E4 be maxed out with the ‘comedy’ at several points throughout the day. It could also mean new and original programming as part of C4’s new refresh of it’s shows.

For all you mourning ‘Friends’ fans, there’s no need to get too upset. The shows will continue to air on C4 and E4 until the end of 2011 (when the contract runs out) and even then it wont be the end. Comedy Central have chosen to continue the contract meaning you can still get your ‘Friends’ fix.

For me, the last year and a half have bee landmark for C4. First they axed their most profitable programme, ‘Big Brother’ (as well as other successful formats such as ‘Wife Swap’ and ‘How Clean Is Your House?’) and now they’ve finally parted ways with one of their longest running imports. It marks an exciting time for the network as they rush to fill those empty slots with brand new shows, hopefully good ones!

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