SeeSaw – What’s The Point?

Recently I was invited to the beta testing of SeeSaw.

Just in case you don’t know, SeeSaw is an online Video-On-Demand service. It was born out of the remnants of Kangaroo (a service the BBC, ITV, C4 and Five were looking to launch jointly a few years ago). It will launch fully in a few weeks, but I have to be honest, I don’t get the point of it.

The service has lots of content from BBC, C4 and Five, all online and ready to watch with no limits. And the play quality is good also. It loads very quickly and after a few ads, you’re in to one of your favourite shows.

But it’s the actual content, surprisingly, which lets SeeSaw down. It’s not that the programmes aren’t good, it’s that you can already get them (legally I might add) elsewhere on the web.

SeeSaw does not show up-to-date/recent shows, making it pointless for catchup. Instead it has archive shows from all the channels. Now this would be great, but it’s already been done.

4od from Channel 4 has nearly every Channel 4 show ever ready to play whenever you want, including whatever was on yesterday. The BBC is also starting to extend it’s iPlayer service to keep content for much longer. And if these, more popular, services are already doing it, then where exactly does SeeSaw fit in?

SeeSaw have said that the service is still in it’s infancy and there’ll be much more to come including a subscription service later this year. But I just feel everything on the site has been done before and to be honest, it’s been done better.

SeeSaw has no unique selling point and for that I feel it will fail. I hope I’m wrong as I never like to see new, creative ventures like this one go under,  but I’ll watch with interest when it’s released to the public in a couple of weeks time.

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