What Does It Look Like When Your House Fills With Water

Not good! – in short.

As you may know, my university house recently flooded due to a burst pipe, don’t worry, I wasn’t in there. But a lot of stuff was and the house is now pretty much ruined. Over the past week, myself and my housemates have been salvaging the remains and as of today, we’ve finished.

So as a tribute I thought I’d take some pics of the mess and put them on here, so I give you… My ruined house!

The kitchen, which absolutely stinks!!!

Coffee table in the front room, still wet - almost four weeks on!

The hallway, now desolate and damp!

Bit's of the ceiling lie all over the floor!

Luckily my room escaped fairly unscathed, but look at the condensation on the window!

Quite alot of mould has turned up!

Loads of the wallpaper fallen, feeling the toll of the water from above!

And yet more of the ceiling falling to pieces.

So yet more conclusive proof that water IS the most destructive element on earth. It’s really hard to convey in pictures just how bad the house is, but luckily I’m no longer there and at a new address… that’s dry!

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