Apple iPad – Is This The Next Generation?

January 27, 2010

Despite losing out to Microsoft in the home computer market, Apple has always been at the forefront of innovative computing. Be it mp3 players, download stores or even mobile phones, whenever Apple enter the market, they seem to be on to a winner.

So you can imagine the excitement today when Apple were set to launch an all new product. And here it is, announced at exactly 6.00PM GMT, the Apple iPad.

Steve Jobs (nice to see him again!) proudly showcases the iPad

The iPad is Apple’s first venture into the world of tablet computers. The device itself is the size of an A4 piece of paper and is entirely a giant touchscreen. It is in effect a giant iPhone, but with more powerful features.

As you can imagine, Apple have done it all properly, with linkage to iTunes and apps from the iPhone store all working seamlessly with the new device. There’s also an accelerometer inside, allowing you to tilt the pad and the display changing automatically.

The iPad will allow you to go online through wifi and 3G networks.

Perhaps the newest feature is the ability to download books from (you guessed it) the iBook application. This will make the iPad a worthy challenger to Sony and Amazon’s book reading devices that are already on the market.

The iPad comes in 16GB-64GB varieties

In fact the iPad really does look like another fantastic piece of technology from Apple, but there is one question still unanswered, what is the purpose of the iPad?

Maybe there’s a reason why previous tablet computers have failed to catch the public imagination. We have laptops and we have smartphones, do we need something in between the two. It’s too big to beat the portability of an iPhone, but not as substantial as a MacBook.

I’m not denying that it will be cool to surf the web with your fingertips on a screen of that size and watching video/pictures on it will be a breeze. But typing looks a little ‘forced’ and the size really does seem too big to be a truly portable device.

Time will tell if Apple have succeeded again where others have failed, but for now I’m not entirely sold on the iPad. the device will start at $499 (£308) and will ship internationally within 60 days!